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Knives are essential tools for anyone set to go camping or backpacking. They are a versatile and handy tool designed to keep you safe in the outdoors. They are particularly useful in emergency situations and convenient for routine tasks when camping. 

There are several kinds of knives with multiple functions. Flip knives, utility knives, folding knives, pocket knives, camping knives, pen knives, hunting knives, or tactical knives are clearly essential tools to have on hand when you are in the Australian outdoors.

Functional Knives for the Outdoor Enthusiast

The list of reasons why you should carry a knife on your adventure trips is quite long. Needless to say, it is a must-have for your outdoor adventure. Simple yet functional, a knife can make your life easier. 

  • Knives protect your hand from getting soiled from opening packets and packages.
  • It is an essential survival tool for making food, peeling fruits, setting camp, and many other standard activities on a campsite.
  • You can use knives for first aid to cut tape, gauze, bandages, and cloth.
  • Opening canned goods without a can opener is a breeze with a knife.
  • Remove splinters and thorns with a knife.
  • A knife is useful for cutting ropes, tags, and strings.
  • Use a knife to extract objects stuck in cracks and crevices.
  • Round off sharp edges using a knife or create holes.
  • You can fix or repair camping gear with a knife.
  • Cut branches for wood kindling with a knife.

When choosing the right camping knife for you, consider the length of the blade, its weight, the material used, and the blade, handle, and grip style. It is important that you are comfortable when using the camping knife you choose. 

High-Quality Materials and Design

A good camping knife will have quality blade material that resists rusting and corrosion. Sherpa offers a range of knives with A-grade blades that are durable and stay sharp for long. They retain a sharp edge and are easy to sharpen, as well. 

Sherpa has a selection of utility knives best for camping and outdoor activities. The knives are handy and easy to carry. They fit pockets well and are compact and lightweight. In addition, our products are ergonomically designed and are convenient to use for heavy-duty tasks. 

Engineered to precision using quality materials, the knives Sherpa offers are suited for even the most outdoorsy Australian. Choose from our selection of knives today. 

More Than Just Knives

At Sherpa, we offer more than knives alone. We also offer portable field shovels and hatchets for your convenience. With our portable shovels, you can easily dig a trench around your campsite for water collection, level off the ground for your tent, or do anything else you may need to do on your outdoor adventure. Along with that, our hatchets make it incredibly easy to chop firewood and start a fire.

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Whether it’s for your use or as a thoughtful gift for an outdoor enthusiast friend, shop for knives online at Sherpa. We’re the best knife shops in Australia, providing only the best time-tested products for every outdoor adventure.



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