Drink Bottles

Single-use plastic water bottles contribute to the deluge of excessive plastic waste. An estimated 583 billion plastic bottles were sold in the last year. Utilizing a reusable drink bottle will be your way of helping the environment. More than that, drink bottles offer plenty of personal benefits, which are both practical and economical.

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Your Ideal Travel Companion

Whether it’s an insulated drink bottle, metal, stainless, collapsible, big, large, or small – reusable drinking bottles are worth their money in gold. 

  • Commercially bought bottled water is certainly more expensive than filtered tap water. Investing in a good quality drinking bottle will save you a lot of money.
  • Disposable bottles are meant to be thrown after a single-use, while reusable drink bottles are durable and can last many years of rugged use.
  • Most drink bottles come in 1 litre to 1.5 litre capacity ensuring you are hydrated as you drink the right amount of water every day.
  • Drinking bottles are stylish and attractive, and they can complement your active lifestyle.
  • A reusable water bottle is convenient to carry your filtered water everywhere you go. You never have to worry about what’s in the water you drink.
  • At Sherpa, there are many types of drinking bottles you can choose to suit your lifestyle. We have insulated drink bottles, collapsible water bottles, stainless steel or metal 1L and 1.5L bottles.
  • They are perfect for carrying beverages of different temperatures and keeping them hot or chilled as you please.

High-Quality Materials and Design

There are 4 things to consider when buying a good quality reusable drinking bottle. 

  1. Choose a size of a drinking bottle that can hold enough water for your chosen activity. If you don’t have water throughout the day, get the 1.5L capacity. That should be good as well for hikes and bike rides. Enjoy the convenience of a smaller bottle for your office use if you can quickly get a refill. Sherpa carries reliable brands like CamelBak, Cheeki, and Nalgene that come in 750ml to 1.5L sizes. 
  2. Select a material that suits your personal preference. Stainless steel water bottles may come insulated and keep your beverage hot or cold as you prefer. Plastic is lighter and more durable. However, be sure to select from our brands that are BPA-free. 
  3. Again, the type of activity you will use your water bottle will determine the best kind of lid it should have. A must is that it should be leak-proof. Strenuous activities will call for covers that are easily accessible and have a screw-on cap that won’t leak even when dropped. If you constantly sip from your bottle, select the type that has a flip-out sip lid.
  4. Slimmer drinking bottles are best for everyday use in the office. Heavier and bulkier water bottles are used for adventure trips that can hold more capacity and keep the water cool for a more extended period.

We have a wide range of reusable bottles we offer at Sherpa. Choose the best kinds for your every activity need.

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Purchase the best kind of water bottle from Sherpa. Select online and compare features now. Your reusable water bottle search ends here.

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