HydraPak Ultraflask Speed 500ml Soft Flask

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Part of our ultra-light series, the 500 ml is so light, you might forget you brought it. Weighing in at just over an ounce, it’s optimal hydration, no matter what kind of runner you are. Its pliable material conforms to most pockets, it shrinks as you drink to minimize water movement and it can be used with or without the tube.

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Brand HydraPak
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HydraPak – Taking Hydration to New Places

HydraPak a Californian Company has been designing and producing flexible performance hydration systems since 2001. Their mission is to relentlessly create better hydration solutions for performance-driven people.

For almost two decades HydraPak has been pushing the boundaries of design & innovation to redefine the future of hydration. Athletes around the world depend on their products to preform at their peak. This what has driven HydraPak since the beginning and will continue to take them into the future.

At HydraPak they aim to not only provide the highest performing and longest lasting technical hydration solutions on the market, but to also be an industry leader in sustainability. From recycled material to minimizing waste going into land fill to progressive third-party social auditing. HydraPak is committed on circular manufacturing to ensure they leave as little trace as possible.


HydraPak go above and beyond with every product the make, their warranty is no different. If you experience any failure due to the products manufacturing or materials, they will repair or replace the item for free. No questions asked. Whatever it tales for you to keep the adventure going.