MiniMeis Backpack - Navy Blue

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Pair up this 28L backpacks with the award winning MiniMeis G4 shoulder carrier for the ultimate trail combo. With 28L of storage for good, water and clothing on the go, this backpack is the perfect addition for day trips family adventures. 

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Navy Blue

Brand MiniMeis
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Buy MiniMeis Shoulder Carrier Australia

Eliminate the stress of exploring the world with your toddler with the help of a MiniMeis carrier. Enjoy this award-winning child shoulder carrier’s comfort, convenience, and security. Now you can explore the world with your entire family with free hands, a comfortable back, and a smiling child.

Order this innovative child carrier from Sherpa today! We offer various MiniMeis products to ensure a comfortable and secure escapade with your entire family. From sunshades to sturdy carriers and expansive backpacks, you can find every MiniMeis product you need at Sherpa!

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Pack Everything You and Your Mini-me Needs With a Child Carrier Backpack

Experience comfort and convenience with the MiniMeis Backpack. This spacious and heavy-duty backpack boasts a maximum capacity of 28L. Pack yours and your child’s essentials in this expansive and durable backpack, and still have enough room to fit more stuff.

This backpack also attaches to the MiniMeis shoulder carrier for added convenience and accessibility. You can also conveniently detach one strap to swing your bag in front and have easy access to your belongings.

When the carrier is not in use, you can easily store it inside the backpack to save space and keep it clean and safe. Stroll through the park, hike a trail, or play by the beach without hurting your hands and shoulders from carrying too many items.

Besides impressive functionality, this backpack also features sleek and modern designs to match your style. You can choose from an array of colors that suit you and your little one’s preference. Mix and match with different MiniMeis backpacks, and you are ready to go!

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Explore the Globe Comfortably With a Baby Shoulder Carrier

Expose your children to the world’s beauty using the MiniMeis shoulder carrier. This innovative and award-winning child carrier will provide you and your toddler with a sense of security, comfort, and convenience as you explore new places and cultures.

The carrier itself is lightweight, weighing only 1kg. But don’t mistake its compact size for its outstanding performance, as this carrier has a maximum capacity of 18kg. This baby hiking carrier is best suited for children around six months to four years old.

This award-winning child carrier doesn’t only provide comfort to your child, but it also keeps your shoulder and back supported and comfortable while you travel. This carrier’s adjustable and ergonomic design will keep your back in the proper posture and reduce strain.

If you’re traveling in a sunny area and want to use your carrier, you can attach the MiniMeis Sunshade to the carrier to provide sun protection for your child.

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Shop for the Best Child Carrier Hiking Backpack Today

With the right gear, traveling with your toddler doesn’t have to be burdensome. Shop for your MiniMeis products today with Sherpa and experience the convenience, comfort, and style of traveling with your entire family.

Why wait until your children get older before setting out on a family adventure? Do it today and create beautiful and lasting memories with your toddler and the entire family with the help of MiniMeis products!

For orders over $80, you can enjoy free same-day shipping to anywhere in Australia.

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