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Sherpa, Australia’s Outdoor Gear Specialists

At Sherpa, we listen to what Mother Nature has to tell us. And with our extreme Australian conditions, we’ve learned to provide just what our adventurers need most: The best outdoor apparel and accessories on the market, with 100% merino wool from local sheep as well as high-tech synthetics to see you through the best of days, and the worst!

Whether you’re smashing ultras, sending big walls, hiking through the Snowy's, or just chilling in the bush on a long weekend with the kids, we’ve got your back – And the rest of you, too. With everything from techy socks to running shorts and singlets to base layers and cosy fleece tops, you’ll find just what you need to thrive in the elements on all your adventures while looking darn good, too.

So outdoor enthusiasts, unite! You’ll love our awesome range of gear for men, women and kiddos, too, with fast shipping, quality guarantee, and an 80-day free return policy to make sure we’ve seen to your needs just right.

I am a cyclist and bushwalker and this firm caters really well for both of my hobbies. Great selection of products, excellent service and with on site and online capabilities it has become a favourite place to shop. I would highly recommend this company to others

Steve Mayhew
12 October 2021

Hidden gem of the hills!
I was passing by on my way back from mid-morning yoga and stumbled across this quaint and cute outdoor gear shop and had to take a peek. It was to my surprise the warm greeting I'd receive from their store representative 'Rebecca' and the vast selection of top notch gear on hand. Safe to say I not only left with a smile on my face but with a very cute seatosummit inflatable camping pillow which I use quite regularly. Would recommend!!!

Joshua Vaughan
24 September 2021

The team at Sherpa are always extremely helpful in ensuring i get the right outdoor adventure gear. They have an extensive range of the leading brands in outdoor equipment and clothing.

Tom Payton
23 September 2021

Incredible store and such helpful staff ! The gear is top quality and well priced. All the staff are so knowledgeable and friendly, willing to chat about all the products and help find exactly what you’re looking for. Can’t speak highly enough of my experience and recommend to all my friends who are into the outdoors!

Sophie Payton
21 September 2021

Fantastic customer service.
I have ordered an item with Sherpa and unable to pick up in store due to lockdown, Sherpa offer free shipping to ease my concern on getting the item on time. Thank you.
Will definite recommend Sherpa to all outdoor adventurers.

David Wong
18 August 2021