Sherpa Merino iGlove Black XS

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After practical warmth without restricting using your phone? Sherpa's innovative Merino iGlove provides superior natural non itch odour free warmth with 100% Aussie Merino. The conductive thread sewn into the thumb & fore finger with their touch screen sensitivity will keep your hands warm without limiting yourself.

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Merino iGlove

Our touch sensitive iGloves offer practical winter comfort with innovative fabric technology. Designed for use with smart phones and tablet devices, these gloves feature touch sensitive fabric on the thumb and fore finger that help keep you warm while texting, browsing the internet, or scrolling through social media. They are also excellent liners for ski gloves or climber's mitts in colder conditions, making them the ideal glove for anything from camping in the bush to skiing down the mountains.


The benefits for buying natural merino wool are numerous. Merino provides a soft, non-itch natural soft & comfortable feel impossible to beat. As a tight fitting garment, moisture management and breathability is paramount and that's why merino is the best. When it is cold merino fibres keep you warm thanks to their very fine crimpy structure which retains insulating air. The surface of the fibre is dirt and water repellent protecting your skin from moisture and debris in the outdoors and keeping you odor free! The inside of the fibre can absorb water without feeling wet, providing excellent moisture control and quick dry properties. The wool will retain its thermo-regulating properties even if it is wet. Furthermore, merino wool is easy care and naturally provides great UV protection under the Australian sun.


    • Work on touch sensitive screens
    • 100% natural Australian Merino Wool
    • Outstanding natural comfort
    • Ultra soft to touch
    • No itch
    • Odour free and excellent moisture management
    • Natural UV protection
    • 240GSM fabric weight


Machine wash. Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean.


Model # MGLI
Brand Sherpa
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.050m
Unit Of Measure each


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Sherpa Merino iGlove

By: antoniogreciajnr on 6 June 2019
Incredibly breathable and functional glove with the touch screen tips. Price is worth the warmth you get when using it in windy conditions.

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Sherpa Merino iGlove

By: antoniogreciajnr on 6 June 2019
Incredibly breathable and functional glove with the touch screen tips. Price is worth the warmth you get when using it in windy conditions.

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