Back Country Cuisine Freeze Dried Meal - Small Beef & Pasta Hotpot

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The Back Country Cuisine Freeze Dried Meals, preparation doesn't get any easier than this. Just add hot water or cook gently. Dine in style with Roast Lamb and Vegetables, Honey Soy Chicken or Spaghetti Bolognaise, to name just a few. Great for long trips or lightweight adventures. Back Country Cuisine meals are formulated to meet the high energy needs of outdoor activity. There is a careful balance of carbohydrates and sugars for instant energy, protein to replenish exhausted muscles. Ready in just 10 minutes!

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Serving Size  Small
Weight 90g
Serving Size 278g -  340g
Serves per pack


Model # BC1
Brand Back Country Cuisine
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.050m
Unit Of Measure each

Back Country Cuisine

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The problem with adventures is that you have to pack a lot of things to get you adventure-ready. Your regular three-meals-a-day plus snacks are not feasible when you’re backpacking, canoeing, or camping in the great outdoors. You need light, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare meals that will not weigh you down or take up too much space in your pack.

This is where Back Country Cuisine comes in. We have a full range of Back Country Cuisine freeze dried food and cooked meals that are easy to prepare, light to carry, and nutritious enough to give you the energy you need to power through your adventures. The Back Country Cuisine shelf life allows for storing in your pantry or camp kitchen, and the meals are ready to eat.

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Perfect Back Country Meals Ready to Eat

The freeze-dried method allows Back Country dehydrated meals to preserve all flavors and nutritional value while removing all the water. Back Country Cuisine cooked breakfast can be prepared with just hot water, and it only takes a little under 10 minutes to give you a delicious and piping hot meal that will get you ready to start your day.

Variety of Back Country Meals

The last thing you want when doing something active is to feel weighed down by your food or deprived of choice. Camping takes tolls on your body and you want to make sure that the food you are eating is going to fill you up and give you the sustenance and energy you need to power through your activities.

At Sherpa, we make sure to have a variety of Back Country Cuisine meals so you will never get bored or left feeling unsatisfied.

We carry Back Country roast chicken, easy-to-cook scrambled eggs, dried meats, mixed vegetables, and more. If you want to enjoy beverages aside from water while out in the bush, we also have freeze dried fruit smoothies and iced mocha as your go-to breakfast beverage or after-dinner drink. Simply add cold water, give them a good shake, and they’re ready to drink.

Sherpa Is Your One-stop-Shop for All Back Country Cuisine in Australia

Treat your taste buds with delectable, easy-to-prepare Back Country Cuisine in Sydney. Enjoy our wide range of Back Country Meals that will satisfy your hunger. We offer affordable and light foods and beverages starting at $4.99.

Whether you are planning to go on an overnight camping trip or a longer journey, stock up on Back Country Cuisine from Sherpa. Add your favorites to your cart and have them delivered to your doorstep. Order now and enjoy free shipping for orders over $80.

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