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  • Date Posted: 17 September 2021

What to pack on your next #Vanlife Adventure! 

Travelling around in a campervan, car, caravan (or whatever has wheels and fits a bed) gives you the freedom to explore uncharted territories with no curfews and no commitments. Forget accomodation costs and food expenses a campervan is a more affordable, commitment free way to travel. Follow your intuition, forget the rules and go off grid. A home on wheels is the best way to travel Australia. 

Road Trip Essentials:

Our top 5 Vanlife product reviews:

1. Jetboil Minimo Product Review - SHOP HERE

The Jetboil Minimo is the perfect stove for 1-2 people with limited storage in a campervan, caravan or hiking backpack. The compact system heats up instantly and can reach a boil in just over 2 minutes. We use this stove everyday for morning coffee's, canned soup, stirfry and curries while on the move. At a weight of just 415g we also take this stove on day trips and overnight hikes. The heat adjustment feature is great for more complex meals and for keeping meals warm. I love this stove system because it ecompasses everything all in one compact design. The bottom cap doubles as a bowl while the stove, pot support and fuel stabiliser all fit inside the cooking vessel. 

2. Hanging Toiletry Bag Product Review - SHOP HERE

A hanging toiletry bag is a must for vanlife travel. It is great for organising, easy access and gives a homely touch to your travel toiletries. The Sea to Summit hanging toiletry bags are quick and easy to pack away and great for any kind of travel. I use the toiletry bag hanging in the campervan and take it with me into communal showers for wasy access to soup, conditioner and the lot. The seperate mesh compartments allow you to see what in every pouch and the shatterless mirror is a great feature for life on the road. 

3. Biolite 330 Headlamp Product Review - SHOP HERE

A trusty headlamp is a great addition to any outdoor adventure. In the van it is great for finding belongings at night, going to the bathroom after dark and exploring the great outdoors. The Biolite 330 headlamp is a fantastic head torch with a small profile and slim fit design. This headlamp weighs just 69g and sit close to the head so it doesn't 'clunk' around some some other headlamps on the market. Plus it had a night vision red light which is perfect for reading at night when your partner is asleep or those late night toilet trips! We take this headtorch on all of our afternoon adventures as we tend to get carried away and get back after dark! 

4. Helinox Table One Hard Top (Large) Product Review - SHOP HERE

The Helinox furniture range is well worth a look for vanlifers, caravanners, 4x4 enthusiasts and hikers. The brand specialises in collapsible, travel freindly and lightweight furniture, perfect for every adventure where space is a consideration. The Table One Hard Top is my favourite as it allows for a bit extra space and height. The extra height is better on the back when cooking while the space allows for more pots and pans or more empty bottles on a long afternoon! I recommend the large for couples or groups travelling in a veichle while the regular table one is perfect for single travel, hiking trips and living out of a backpack. I prefer the hard top as it's a better patform for holdings drinks and intense card games.

5. AMK Mountain Series Backpacker First Aid Kit Product Review - SHOP HERE

The new AMK mountain series first aid kits are the perfect companion for campervans, travelling and camping. The Backpacker kit folds out into five sections for easy organisation and quick access in an emergency. The first aid kit has all your essentials and more to treat common to complex injuries on the road. I love how compact and easy to use this kit is with clear intrustions and seperated sections for the different types of treatment. The kit is desgined for 2 people and is the perfect companion for couples on the road. 

Top Tips for Travelling in a Van 

  • Don't have plans! Follow your noses and enjoy the freedom
  • Get off the beaten track. Explore new areas and get away from tourist hot spots.
  • Be safe. Don't stay anywhere you don't feel comfortable and be aware of your surroundings
  • Be prepared. Always have basic tools on you for urgent repairs on the road
  • Download a free camping app - recommend Wikicamps Australia!
  • Download some podcasts to listen to along the way

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