Leki Legacy Lite AS Walking Poles

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The Legacy Lite AS is an extremely lightweight and comfortable aluminum trekking pole. Its DSS Antishock System, integrated directly above the tip, reducing impact, thus relieving stress on joints, tendons and ligaments. Combined with the anatomically shaped EVOCON trekking grip, vibrations are significantly reduced.

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Buy Leki Walking & Hiking Poles Online

Trekking poles are a hiker’s best friend, providing stability on all forms of terrain. Many attest to how it can help provide extra support to lessen the load on joints. Whether you’re going uphill or down, balance is always a consideration. You may need a Leki trekking pole, as it has proven its quality internationally over many years.

The best trekking pole for you will depend on your preference. Some prefer folding models that they can easily store, while others prefer lightweight poles. Leki walking poles are one of the most trusted products due to quality and versatility. Shop from our selection and bring it along on your next adventure.

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Leki Australia: Offering Durable Poles with Valuable Features

The Leki anti-shock trekking pole is one of the best on the market. These heavier trekking poles are suitable for those who want the benefit of impact resistance while they’re moving around. They protect your joints from strain, reducing the stress while passing through rough terrain. We offer models such as the Leki Legacy Lite AS.

Aside from the brand new models, we also have Leki replacement parts for sale. Contact our personnel and learn more about Leki replacement tips that can help you save money. If you’re not looking for anything new, you may be interested in Leki accessories, from walking tips to ergonomic handles.

Each model has patented technology, and is much lighter than other models. You can get a Leki carbon trekking pole for extra durability if you expect a challenging trail. As one of the most dominant brands in the market, you’re missing out if you don’t try it out on your next trip.

Innovation at Its Finest

The company’s determination to continue improving with new product releases is one thing that sets Leki apart. They want to make sure there is a product for all types of outdoor travelers. You can choose from different Leki pole sizes and features. Most new models have hollow core technology which allows them to stay lightweight while still providing the support you need.

There are also other products available apart from Leki hiking poles. For trail runners, you may want to buy the specialized products specifically for trail running. The Neotrail FX is an ultralight folding pole that can help you push through rugged areas. In addition, all it takes is a push, and the trekking pole folds when you don’t need it.

These are only a few Leki products available at Sherpa. We ship all over Australia, straight to your doorstep.

Find Your Trekking Companion With Leki Poles

Getting a Leki trekking pole can be a sound investment if you plan to take a rough-terrain, outdoor trip. They’re easy to carry and offer protection as you move through natural areas. We offer some of the best products the brand offers here at Sherpa. Select from the different designs available and have them conveniently delivered to your home.

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