Storing Merino

Storing Merino over Summer

Why merino should be stored correctly

Merino clothing is vulnerable to moth holes due to its tasty natural animal fibers. Moths and silverfish generally feed on natural fibers like merino wool, cashmere and silk leaving holes in your clothing. Additional sweat, odour or pet fur can make the garment even tastier for pesky moths. It is important to protect your merino clothing from moths while stored away for long periods of time. Correct storage also prolongs the garments longevity, shape retention and all round quality. 

How to store away your merino

1. Wash the garment. 

Make sure your merino clothing is freshly washed before storing away. We recommend a warm or cool wash on wool cycle and dry your garments on the line (do not tumble dry). 

2. Fold your merino.

Hanging merino for a long period of time can lead to the garment stretching and the formation of bumps along the shoulder where the hanger sits. 

3.  Source a moth deterent

Merino should be stored with a moth deterent such as bay leaves, black peppercorns, cedar, lavender and patchouli. 

4. Store away in bags

Place your folded merino with a moth deterent into a bag for storage. Ideally use cotton or linen bags as these allow air to flow through naturally while plastic can cause garments to sweat in humid conditions. Storage bags should have proper closures such as a zip to stop moths getting in. 

5. Store in a cool, dry position.

If possible store your merino in a cool and dry position to prevent moths and to stop the garment sweating or smelling in humid conditions. 

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