SPIbelt Distance Pro Running Hydration Belt

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The Distance Pro combines the Performance Pro SPIbelt with two of the highly rated SPI H20 Companion bottles making it the ultimate hydration belt. The two, 240ml bottles can be placed anywhere on the elastic, allowing runners to maximize comfort. This running belt is built for durability and can keep up with your longest runs. Go for a hike, run a marathon, go mountain biking.

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Keep your important items on your person during outdoor activities such as running or hiking.

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SPIbelt is the ultimate companion for running, whether you’re out for an afternoon jog or competing in a marathon. The company offers a selection of high-quality running belts and accessories with multifunctional features, allowing you to carry small items and free your hands. They also have additional capabilities to make your next run comfortable and hassle-free. Check out the SPIbelt products from Sherpa and order today!

The Perfect Companion for Running

Walking, running, and hiking are all fun activities, but having to carry multiple items like phones and water bottles can dampen the experience because your hands won’t be free to move when holding them. If you put them in bags, they could constantly move around and hurt your back in intense activities. The SPIbelt running belt is the best solution to these issues.

The belts use a patented design that remains flexible without bouncing around too much. So even if you’re sprinting, the belt and whatever is attached to it will remain steady. This helps you maintain your stride, stay in the zone, and keep your hands free. Choose from the SPIbelt Distance Pro, SPIbelt Original Running Belt, and other variations.

Accessories for Convenience and Ease

Sherpa doesn’t just carry authentic SPIbelts for running. We also offer SPIbelt accessories for those who are really dedicated to running:

  • SPIbelt H2O Companion Bottle: This is the perfect addition to the SPIbelt Hydration Belt. Whenever you need a sip of water during marathons, you can easily detach the bottle from the belt and rehydrate yourself.
  • SPIbelt Race Number Toggles: Need something to secure your number during a racing event or a marathon? The SPIbelt Race Number Toggles secure your bib numbers so you won’t accidentally lose them while running.

Stylish Designs, Sturdy Materials

Running belts don’t have to look out of place or dorky. SPIbelt wanted to create running belts that were functional while also being fashionable, and that’s exactly what they delivered. Each SPIbelt for running has gorgeous designs and colors that will complement your running attire.

They have expandable pockets for phones and wallets, accentuated with either bold patterns or muted colors for your preferences. In addition, the flexible straps are discreet enough that they will almost look like they’re part of your running pants or shorts.

Shop Spibelt Running Belts Today

With the SPIbelt products, you won’t have to carry small items in your packets or hands during your running sessions. These running belts are the perfect solution, offering spacious compartments that allow you to carry phones, wallets, small snacks, and other items. They come in an array of styles and variations. So whether you’re a casual runner or a hardcore marathoner, you’ll find a great option in our collection.

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