Grangers 275ml Footwear + Gear Cleaner Spray

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Keeping your footwear and gear clean is more important than you realise. Not only does clean gear make you look and feel better but leaving footwear dirty can affect its breathability, which will hinder water-repellency as well as performance. Luckily Footwear + Gear cleaner is easy to use and will remove dirt and odours from all footwear and outdoor gear.

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Even the most high-quality gear and apparel can wear and tear, removing their UV and water-repellent properties. These items can also gather dirt and bacteria that result in funky odors and an untidy appearance. Thankfully, there are solutions that address these problems, such as high-quality Grangers gear wash products.

Sherpa carries various Grangers items so you’ll have access to more options to suit your needs. From down wash concentrates to tent care kits, we have them all! Browse our catalog today.

Cleans and Coats for Maximum Protection

Being outside means getting exposed to dust, mud, debris, and other contaminants. Thankfully, gear and apparel protect us from them. However, these items will gather dirt themselves in turn. This grime makes your equipment look dirty and could even affect their water-repellent properties.

Grangers wash products are specially made to clean your outdoor gear and restore them to a like-new appearance. Some of these products, like the Grangers Down Wash for down or synthetic down-filled gear, are ideal for specific materials.

Restores Water Repellent Finish

As Grangers wash and repel products clean your items, they apply a new protective coating as well. Water-repellent coatings usually degrade due to exposure and physical scratches on your apparel or gear. So the next time you use them, you may find yourself damp and cold because moisture has seeped through.

Products like the Grangers Performance Repel Plus Spray and Footwear Spray help you renew the water-repellent properties of your gear, no matter how long you’ve been using them. You’ll stay dry and toasty no matter what the weather brings.

Harmless to You and the Environment

Grangers cares about the environment as much as its team loves the outdoors. That’s why they’ve formulated products that don’t harm wildlife life and other natural resources. In addition, their bottles are made from recycled plastic.

Of course, you might still be worried about the health effects of UV and water-repellent coatings. Thankfully, Grangers wash products are free of perfluorocarbons (PFCs). These items are also Bluesign®-approved, so you can be sure that they are harmless to you and the environment.

Specialized for Various Materials

Most of the products in the Grangers wash catalog can be used as general cleaning solutions for all your gear. However, the company understands that some materials need an extra amount of care. That’s why they have products like the Grangers Down Wash Concentrate. The Grangers Tent Care Kit is also another specialized solution for tents, and it has added UV protection to shield you from harmful sun rays.

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Whenever you need to clean your outdoor gear and renew their special properties, Sherpa has what you’re looking for. Our catalog of Grangers gear washes comes in various sizes, uses, and formulations. Order now and enjoy free shipping for all orders above $80,. We deliver nationwide for your convenience!