Eco Sherpa

Becoming a more Eco-Conscious Business

We are now sending all online orders in a compostable mailer or cardboard box!

Here at Sherpa we have said goodbye to those nasty plastic mailers and are now sending every online order in a compostable mailer from better packaging or a cardboard box depending on the size of the order. 

Following a bit of prodding from the staff, Sherpa’s ‘boomer’ owner is turning green and Sherpa is slowly but steadily reducing non compostable plastic usage throughout its operations and adopting other green steps to help the environment. For its own branded products Sherpa is gradually reducing the use of any plastic packaging and the aim is to eliminate all of it soon. We have little or no influence with suppliers of other brands' products but will certainly be supporting those that are making their own packaging more environmentally friendly.

Sherpa’s main mission is to provide excellent products & service for outdoor enthusiasts at competitive prices. We are determined to continue to keep our prices low so our 'becoming greener' story will be a gradual process as environmentally friendly products and methods become more affordable.

Steps taken to become a more Eco-Friendly Business:

  1. July 2020 - Introduced optional (for $1) compostable packaging for orders
  2. September 2020 - Changed to recycled materials for our compliments card sent with all orders
  3. August 2020 - Changed our free gift with all orders to a ‘green’ cork pen
  4. January 2021 - Stopped using plastic as filler in bags/boxes used for sending orders
  5. September 2021 - Started providing invoices for every order on recycled paper
  6. June 2022 - Started sending all orders in home compostable packaging
  7. September 2023 - Starting using who gives a crap toilet paper!

Warranty conditions mean that we cannot remove other brands plastic packaging within our warehouse before sending the goods to you. 

We are constantly brain storming new ideas to reduce our impact on the environment and will continue to update this page as we implement new eco friendly practices. Got some ideas or feedback on our current progress? Fill out the form below! 

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