What to pack for event day

Sherpa race preparation tips:

  1. Don't leave packing until last minute! - Always gather all your gear, including clothing, food etc, at least two days prior to an event to eliminate stress and to ensure you have everything you need. Nothing worse then realising last minute and having to pay extra for express shipping or running around the shops like a headless chicken!
  2. Don't over-pack! Keep it simple and essentials only (+ a few creature comforts and treats for afterwards!)
  3. Write a list, add to it and keep it for future events. - Having a physical list is a great way to jog your memory and to never forget anything again! Make sure you keep the list handy for the next event and always write down things we may of forgotten or needed on race day so you can remember for next time.
  4. Keep an eye on the weather forecast. - Watch and act on the weather forecast for the event day. The weather can effect clothing you take, amount of water or towels you'll need, extra socks needed, more time allowed for getting there etc.
  5. Lay out your running gear the night before. Lay out everything you'll be wearing and have your bags at the door (or better in the car!) so in the morning you can grab and go!
  6. Decide how you’ll attach your race number. This is a classic. Many athletes forget and sometimes event providers don;t hand out safety pins so always be prepared to attached DIY style!
  7. Check batteries in your fitness device. Using a tracker or GPS watch is a great way to track performance and to set a good pace on a run. Make sure all your devices are charged an ready to go - including your phone for emergencies.
  8. Two nights before, get a good night of sleep. Is it often hard to get a good nights sleep the night before so this may be your best bet of getting some quality sleep.
  9. Make sure your toenails are clipped!

Make sure you've got all the gear...

What to Pack for an event

Food & Drink

  • Gels or sports drink if you have been training with them | SHOP SPORTS NUTRITION 
  • Adequate hydration for course demands*
  • Pre and post race snacks

*Some events don't have water stops so you have to take all water with you. Some do but don't provide cups so you need to ensure you have bottles on you.

Clothing & Apparel

First Aid/Toiletries

  • Sunscreen
  • Deodorant
  • Anti-chafing lotion | SHOP BODYGLIDE
  • Lip balm with sunscreen
  • Small first aid kit | SHOP FIRST AID KITS
  • Bandages and/or supports for existing injuries | SHOP SPORT SUPPORTS
  • For the ladies – extra hair elastic for emergencies and a sports bra!


  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes
  • Race bib toggle attachments or safety pins
  • Wallet & ID
  • Headphones
  • Throw-away clothing for start line

For the Check-in bag: 

Get a small bag ready for stuff you’ll need AFTER the race, including:

  • Thongs/sandals so you can take your running shoes off when you’re done
  • Your preferred post-race sports drink & snack | SHOP NUTRITION
  • Wet wipes to get the gritty salt feeling off of your face | SHOP WIPES
  • Clean towel (x 2 if its raining!) | SHOP MICROFIBRE TOWELS
  • Change of clothes

Packing your gear

It’s important to keep your race-day gear organised to limit stress on the day. As mentioned above keep a separate small bag to hand in to bag collection. Make sure you also have a small personal item belt to take on the run. Take a slightly larger belt, bag or vest for longer endurance events where you require more food and drink.

A small personal item running belt, vest or small bag to take on the run – This can depend on the duration of the event and how much you are required to take with you. Some events don’t have water stops so you have to take all water with you. Some do but don’t provide cups so you need to ensure you have bottles on you. Hydration is the most important consideration here but also include personal items such as phone, credit card, keys and whatever else you want to keep on you while running.



Happy packing!


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