Kids' Spotto Books - Classic

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SPOTTO CLASSIC can be used daily, every time you’re in the car. It has stemmed from the age old classic SPOTTO game. Every time you see a yellow car you call out SPOTTO. CLASSIC Spotto includes yellow cars, yellow buses, yellow trucks, yellow bikes, yellow boats, yellow signs, and many random yellow things. 

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Spotto Books

Spotto books keep your kids entertained for hours without screens. Boredom disappears in the car as families work together to SPOT animals, vehicles, iconic locations and random things. Spotto books increase the fun of holidays, and not just inside the car. Families are using Spotto Books at the campsite, beach and zoo. They also keep kids happy when eating out, talking about what they spotted that day and ticking the boxes. Spotto Books are educational too!

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