Princeton Tec & Biolite Headlamp Comparison

Princeton Tec Remix 300 and BioLite Headlamp 330 Product Review & Comparison

Sherpa athlete Lizzie took out two of our most popular headlamps to test how they compare. Lizzie has been in training for her University Inward Bound 2020 race and needed a good headlamp for navigating in the dark.

Here are her findings... 

Headlamp Weight & Profile

The BioLite 330 headlamp was more comfortable to run with and sits nicely against the forehead with zero bounce and a lighter weight. The Princeton Tec Remix is fairly comfortable but the actual lamp is chunkier than the BioLite 330 and sometimes would bounce during runs, whilst the lamp on the BioLite sits comfortably against the head with no bounce. The adjustable head strap on the BioLite was not as good as Princeton Remix. The 330 headstrap loosens as soon as I took it off my head, i.e. doesn't stay in adjusted position you choose - also had it's smallest option which fit well but anyone with a smaller head might have an issue. The Princeton 300 strap was slightly tougher to adjust, but stayed in place when taken off the head so don't have to adjust each time I put it on/took it off

Headlamp Brightness & Light Efficiency 

The Biolite headlamp was clearly brighter (330 v 300), had more of a spotlight with surrounding flood as opposed to the Remix which is a flood light. The 330 spotlight-like torch was good for looking around and a bit further in the dark, and generally felt safer. Another point of difference is the Biolite's rechargeable battery as opposed to the Princeton Tec that takes 3 AAA batteries. Both had their benefits; for the Princeton Tec I could carry spare batteries if doing a extra-long run for peace of mind, and for BioLite I didn't have to worry about buying new batteries and could easily recharge it with it's USB cable.

Headlamp Functions

The Biolite 330 was slightly confusing with the buttons, whereas the Princeton 300 was very easy. Biolite has more light options once you master them e.g. flashing lights, but I found it difficult to choose them even with the manual. The Princeton Remix only has 4 options, no flashing light option, but is more user friendly.


For me, the Biolite was more comfortable to wear and its brighter light with strong spotlight would be better for navigational tasks at night (rogaine runs, night training runs etc.) I did find the looseness of the strap quite inconvenient, especially if I used it in a race-situation and wanted to slip on the headlamp with ease. However the Biolite was lightweight, had zero bounce and was brighter thus provided a better overall run. I've previously used the Princeton Tec Remix 300 for many night navigational runs with no issues, but look forward to upgrading to the BioLite Headlamp 330.



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